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Supplement Information

Supplement Information At Natural Medical Supply

Our supplement information page provides different topics of product research and benefits.  The information provided is not meant to substitute your physician or health care provider.  It is only meant to be supportive information on what a supplement may potentially do or what benefits it may offer.

Why Take Supplements

Read this supplement information about the potential benefits of taking supplements.  See how micronutrients can be added to a diet plan.  Find out which dietary supplements your doctor might recommend for you.

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What Vitamins To Take For Weight loss

This supplement information will help you learn how supplementing your weight loss diet with certain vitamins can enhance your goal to lose weight.  Specific vitamins can affect various functions of your body, including appetite control, fat metabolism and improve workouts.  We always recommend you attempt to get your nutrition through the consumption of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Yet, it is extremely difficult to eat wholefoods daily, due to schedule, travel, ability to purchase and access to prepare said foods.  Taking vitamins to supplement your diet is a good way to replace some of the nutrition lost.

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Are You Counting Calories Wrong?

Learn how to correctly evalute each calorie you consume by reading this supplement information.  Find out about the various myths associated with calories.  Find out about the differences between a calorie from protein and those from carbs and fat. See how to properly count calories for weight loss.

Find out all of these details by reading the following article What Are Calories

Nutritional Deficiencies - Supplement Information

Read supplement information about the nutritional deficiencies associated with low calorie diets for weight loss.
Achieving a healthy weight is important for well being and longevity.  However, low calorie diets may have potential side effects associated with nutritional deficienies.

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Vitamin C Weight Loss

Many adults are deficient in vitamin C.  It's also true that countless of those deficient in vitamin C are overweight or obese. Read the following information about how vitamin C affects weight loss and how it's deficieny correlates with excess body fat.  We've been very outspoken in regards to nutritional deficiencies. 

Learn more about Vitamin C Weight Loss

What Is African Mango

African Mango is also known as Irvingia Gabonesis.  The African Mango fruit itself is wonderful.  However, for years the African Mango seed or nut has been used to supplement weight loss plans and a variety of other conditions such as curbing hunger. 

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What Is IGF-1

IGF-1 is the short version of Insulin Like Growth Factor 1.  IGF-1 is a protein peptide that can support the body's production of growth hormone.  Many people look for IGF-1 as an anti-aging supplement, bodybuilding and joint pain.  Deer antler velvet is a potential natural source for IGF-1. 

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What Is Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet is the velvet on the outer layers of the horns.  Our deer antler velvet extract is humanely harvested to prevent harm coming to the animal.  In our pure deer antler velvet extract we use 100% natural velvet harvested in New Zealand under strict governmental regulations to avoid the many diseases associated to North American Deer and other infected global populations.

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What Is The Difference Between Methylcobalamin and Cyanocobalamin Vitamin B

Find out supplement information showing the differences between vitamin b methylcobalamin and vitamin b cyanocobalamin.  Choosing the right vitamin b complex is important to receive actual value.  The differences between the two vitamins b-12 prove to set one apart from the other.  Vitamin b reviews can sometimes leave out this difference.

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Thyroid Symptoms & Problems Such As Cancer and Goiter

Read information regarding thyroid treatments.  Thyroid symptoms, problems and cancer are frequently tied to the poor performance of the thyroid gland.  Iodine deficiency and other vitamin deficiencies have been suggested to decrease thyroid gland function.

See More: Thyroid Symptoms, Cancer and Problems

The Benefits Of Maintaining A Healthy Thyroid & Suggestions

The ultimate objective would be to maintain a healthy thyroid gland from the beginning of life.  Diet and exercise lead the charge, yet there are other ideas to try to get your thyroid back on track.  In some cases thyroid problems are passed down through your genes and there isn't a whole lot you can do.  Yet for most, even those with inherited risks, there are ways to fight and maintain the thyroid gland.

Learn more by reading:  Thyroid Symptoms and Maintenance Suggestions

Weight Off Drops Compared To Weight Off Plus

See the supplement information for weight off drops compared to weight off plus.  Choosing appetite suppressants that work to control hunger both day and night can be a daunting task.  Both supplement reviews outline the pros and cons and which is the best product for use during the day and which should be avoided at night.

Vitamin B Complex Benefits

first off our body requires a variety of Vitamin B to survive and function.  Without vitamin B, our blood wouldn't fulfill its role of providing oxygen.  Without vitamin B our metabolsim would cease to exist.  There are countless benefits to taking a vitamin B complex.

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Detox Diet For Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight the dangerous toxins stored in our bodies can prevent or slow weight loss.  Understanding how a detox diet can improve weight loss could be helpful from head to toe.  Ask your physician if a potential benefit of a detox diet is that it could help get rid of the sluggish and low energy feelings associated with toxins in the body.

Why complete a detox diet before beginning a weight loss plan: Detox Diet

How to Keep the Weight Off

Find helpful diet tips for keeping the weight off during the holidays or other special occasions.  See information on a variety of tricks or diet suggestions to keep weight off while still enjoying the things you love.  We are not professional doctors and do not offer medical advice.  However, we have found these tips to be pretty helpful.  Ask your doctor what diet plans for weight loss would be best for your health.

Read our diet tips for keeping the weight off: How To Keep Weight Off

Why Take Vitamin D

Find information on how vitamin D works.  Look at the benefits of vitamin D.  Discover some natural sources of Vitamin D. 

See how it may improve the body's use of calcium and possibly benefit osteoperosis: Why Take Vitamin D

How Many Calories Does Chewing Gum Burn?

This is a question many people have asked.  Chewing low calorie gums can burn more calories than they provide.  Research has been performed on the effects of chewing gum and weight loss, chewing gum and curbing appetite as well as chewing gum and calories burned per hour.

To learn more click: Chewing Gum & Weight Loss

Perimenopause Symptoms

Millions of women experience menopause.  However, many women do not know when they are beginning menopause.  Perimenopause is a stage when women are beginning to experience the first discomforts before becoming fully menopausal.

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