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About Us

Natural Medical Supply About Us

Natural Medical Supply is dedicated to providing premium quality natural health remedies and supplements to both the general public and practitioners interested in all areas of natural medicine.  Be sure to consult your physician prior to embarking on any self-medicating program.  Holistic and natural medicines can be potent.

Contact Information

Phone:  (801)770-2928

Email:  sales@naturalmedicalsupply.com


Natural Medical Supply distributes natural health vitamins and supplements nationwide


Natural Medical Supply Brand vitamins and supplements can be found at a variety of health shops, selected pharmacies and approved online retailers


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Natural Medical Supply Mission Statement

Natural Medical Supply is an herbal vitamins and dietary supplements resell company.  Our purpose is to aide others by providing optimum health care and top tier quality of life through our proprietary products.  We are fast becoming the leaders and pioneers of natural medicine in the U.S.  We have established an excellent reputation and loyal list of clients.

Our products are formulated by the top pharmacopeia experts in the world.  Our natural products are acquired through experience.


Our Manufacturing Teams
Our manufacturing teams have decades of experience in both modern and natural medicines. Natural Medicines are prescribed by almost 500,000 clinics and health experts nationwide.

Natural medicines have been used in multiple treatment programs including rheumatoid arthritis, weight loss, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, seizures, Crohn's Disease, tumors, cysts, diabetes, infertility and many more. Our goal is to modernize natural medicine. Natural medicines have been at the scientific level for generations. They have been researched, formulated, engineered and manufactured for centuries. They have been created by top consultants and pharmaceutical engineers whom are unsurpassed in the world.


Phone: (801)770-2928

Email: sales@naturalmedicalsupply.com.